Research on PhD Success – Please share widely

Dear Colleagues,

What drives PhD Success? Being program director of a large international PhD program I observe that some candidates finish their PhDs on time while others don’t. Some candidates become successful researchers already while pursuing their PhDs while others struggle even several years after graduating as PhDs. And I observe (and like) that at European PhD programs, including ours, a large share of candidates are from emerging economies. So I ask myself: What are the factors driving PhD success and does success differ among candidates from Emerging and western economies? Together with online learning platform for researchers – RESEARCH HUB – we now search for a talented PhD candidate. Are you or someone you know interested in these questions and interested in doing a fully funded PhD in Norway then you should click on this link and learn more about the opportunity:

You may also send me an email.

Best wishes,
Roy Mersland
Professor/Director PhD program
Director Center for Research on Social Enterprises and Microfinance (CERSEM)
School of Business and Law
University of Agder

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