CERSEM members have unique practical experience and networks in the field of Microfinance. This gives CERSEM access to important support, resources and information.  Most important are the following three data sources that are available for CERSEM researchers:

1.- Microfinance Industry dataset: This is the main CERSEM dataset and it is based on Institutional and Social Rating Reports elaborated by independent third- party Rating Agencies. With the help of industry insights, as many as 313 variables have been extracted and standardized based on information available in the rating reports. The dataset includes a representative sample of MFIs, which are typical examples of firms working with both financial and social goals. The dataset includes 683 MFIs around the World. The dataset is an unbalanced panel with data ranging from 1998 to 2018. A detailed user’s Guide is available for researchers using the dataset. Here  is the list of MFIs in our dataset.

2. Banco D-MIRO in Ecuador: CERSEM has unique cooperation with regulated microfinance bank Banco D-MIRO .The bank has a loan portfolio of around USD 80 million and around 35 thousand clients. In cooperation with the bank CERSEM researchers have access to detailed anonymized client data as well as the possibility to do experiments or case studies.

3.  Data on savings groups. CERSEM cooperates with SAVIX  and FAHU  foundation on studies on savings groups. Access to data includes group data from across the globe as well as detailed data from various larger savings groups projects.

Researchers with a proven record of high quality publications and with solid econometric skills are welcome to contact Professor Roy Mersland ( if interested in joining research projects with CERSEM members using the CERSEM Datasets.